For generations, Maine’s clean air, water, forests, wildlife, and abundant natural resources have been essential to our economy and our way of life. Global climate change is real, and policy-makers need to start listening to experts in the fields of science. I believe we have a duty to all Mainers to prevent the economic and environmental devastation that climate change will bring to our state.

We must get serious about lowering carbon emissions and reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. That starts with the United States rejoining the Paris Agreement, and leading the global effort to combat climate change.

At home, we must do all we can to reduce carbon emissions by investing in fuel-efficient technologies and better transportation infrastructure. By being leaders on climate change, we can create new, green energy jobs in Maine, and put our people back to work producing, installing, and maintaining clean energy parts and products. As a State Legislator, I have supported efforts to expand the use of renewable energy in Maine, and I will continue to do so in Congress.

Finally, we must fully fund the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to ensure the safety of our air, water, and lands. We must keep polluters in check with strong environmental regulations, without over-regulating responsible small business owners. Environmental toxins like lead pose a major health crisis in Maine, particularly in our aging infrastructure and housing. We must use every tool available to clean up our environment, and to ensure our children and future generations are protected.

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