Lewiston, MAINE – Military veteran and Lewiston native, Jared Golden, issued the following statement in response to Congressman Bruce Poliquin’s comments on the Helsinki Summit.

“Now, more than ever, America needs leaders who are strong on national security and who will put the interests of our country above political loyalties,” said Marine Corps veteran and Lewiston native, Jared Golden. “There is undeniable evidence that Russia interfered in our elections. Bruce Poliquin’s recognition of ‘consensus’ on the issue is an astonishingly weak display of leadership, and fails to acknowledge that Russia poses a serious threat to American democracy, and American security interests abroad, particularly in the Middle East, including in Syria and Iran.”

“Congressman Poliquin is unwilling to take strong and clear positions on tough issues. From important healthcare votes to his unwillingness to hold leaders of his own party accountable, when push comes to shove, Bruce Poliquin equivocates. Mainers deserve a straight shooter who is open and honest, and who will lead from the front when it matters most,” said Golden.