Lewiston, MAINE – Bruce Poliquin released his first TV ad of the 2018 election cycle today, attacking a t-shirt worn by a jogging Marine, rather than highlighting his own record.

“Today’s desperate attack by Bruce Poliquin comes as no surprise and validates everything the polls show: the two term Congressman is in serious trouble,” said Jon Breed, Jared Golden’s Campaign Manager. “Poliquin’s decision to attack a t-shirt, rather than point to any of his own accomplishments, shows just how bad things are for the Congressman. After two terms in Congress, Bruce has hidden from constituents, voted to take healthcare away from more than 100,000 Mainers, added almost $2 trillion to our debt, and threatened cuts to Social Security and Medicare to pay for it.”

Bruce Poliquin was the only member of Maine’s Congressional delegation to vote for a repeal of the ACA with no replacement option.

“The man behind the t-shirt is Jared Golden, a United States Marine who led troops in combat, and then worked in the Maine legislature to make sure veterans received better care when they came home. Now Jared Golden is running for Congress to protect Medicare and Social Security from Washington politicians like Bruce Poliquin,” said Breed.