Rep. Golden hosts disucussion on lowering prescription drug costs


Congressman Jared Golden hosted a discussion with local AARP members about efforts to lower prescription drug costs.

As the oldest state in the nation, Golden says tackling this issue is critical for the people of Maine.

Golden helped pass recent legislation aimed at making prescription drugs more affordable for those in the Medicare program.

He says it was established to create a fair price negotiation program and protect people from excessive price increases.

Golden says, “I think you heard during the panel that it would cap out of pocket costs for medicare beneficiaries at about two thousand dollars a year. You heard one gentleman say today he had about a $30,000 prescription medication cost after an important life-saving procedure done. That would be a huge savings because for some people a $30,000 medical expense, they can’t afford that.”

Golden is headed back to Washington Monday where he says he plans to take this feedback back to Congress.

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